以下表达,部分整理自 索菲外贸笔记


  • This model enjoys great popularity in other markets similar to your own.
  • The energy-saving materials are widely welcomed.
  • It's selling like hot cakes and we have lots of regulars now. Would you like to consider a trail order?
    • sell like hot cakes
    • regulars
  • There is a great demand for this product.
  • This product is now in great demand and we have inquiries on hand from other areas.
  • This new model is to the taste of European market.
  • These items have met with great favor home and abroad.
  • This model we recommended has been a best seller for nearly one year.
  • So far our products have stood the competition well.
  • The stock is available on a first come first serve basis.
  • You certainly have an eye for good things.
  • This is our most recently developed product.
  • Quality control
  • Moderate price
  • TingTrade is a manufacturing and trading combo for ourdoor products in China.
  • We specialize in heating elements with plenty of skilled worker.
  • we specialize in sth for ** years.


  • We will send the counter sample for your approval soon.

  • We'd like to inform you that our counter sample will be sent to you by DHL by the end of this week. Please confirm it ASAP so that we can start mass production.


We'll get along fine.

  • 我们会合作愉快的(get along well)。

Please take your time and let me know if you need any help.

Here are the samples of packaging available now, you may have a look.

  • packaging 包装

Then let's take a visit to the production line.

  • take/have/make a visit to 参观

Please advise which models you will go for.

  • 请告知你会选择哪个型号。
  • go for = choose 挑选

Considering the quality, you get what you pay for.

  • 从质量上看,一分钱一分货。

You can believe us at this point.

  • 在这点上你可以相信我们。


Price validity is 10 days from the date of PI / offer due to currency fluctuation. If the order is confirmed after due date, the unit price will be revised according to the daily exchange rate.

  • 由于汇率波动,报价有效期为合同/报价日期起的10天内。如果订单在有效期后才确认,价格会相应按照即时汇率调整。

Our offer remains effective for 10 days.

  • 我们报价有效期为 10 天。

Our offer generally keeps open for 10 days.

  • 我们的报价有效期通常是 10 天。

We look forward to your kind inquiries at any time if you find these items satisfactory.

As soon as a fresh supply of your required model comes in, we will contact / reach you.

  • 一旦你要订的那款货源来了,我们会与您联系。

Here is ready stock for these three items.

  • 这三款我们都有库存。

You can enjoy 5% discount on your initial order.

  • 首单您享有 5% 的折扣。

Our offer is subject to change without notice.

  • 我方报价如有更改,恕不另外通知。
  • 此句用于新产品推广报价单上,给后期的价格调动保留空间。
  • Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice. 价格及产品的库存情况会随时变化,且不会进行告知。

Kindly note that we will update the price when the exchange rate fluctuates more than **%.

  • EXW USD 1.5 / PCS base on 5000 PCS phonesets. (Logo printing is excluded. 不包含 Logo 印刷)

    Delivery: 3 working days.

  • Well received your inquiry with thanks. We are working on it and will update you the offer very soon / by later today or by tomorrow.

  • Thank you for your inquiry. Please advise the below details so we can recommend you a suitable model:

    • Quantity?
    • Custom logo?
    • Shipping address?
  • Final offer.

I'm afraid your order quantity can't meet our MOQ, so could you please kindly add you order volume to 30K.

Updated price for the welded box is USD 0.06/set only.

The EXW price of *** is $0.0539/PCS.

100,000 PCS will be packed into 21 CTNS.

52,000 PCS/CTN.



  • What kind of business do you handle? Are you self-employed, manager or a business owner? (self-employed:个体经营)
  • Can you please let us know your company details?
  • May I know your business scope please? 经营范围
  • Please advise you purchase it for yourself or for your clients?
  • Are you the manufacturer or distributor?


  • We look forward to your patronage.
  • We cherish your patronage.
  • We look forward to welcoming you as our customer.
  • We look forward to the opportunity of being of service of you.
  • If we can be of any further help, please let us know.
  • Awaiting your feedback on all the above.
  • Please advise in order to proceed further.
  • In either case, it would be wonderful to hear from you. 无论如何,我们很期待您的回音。

I have attached a detailed product catalogue to this email. It contains specifications and prices for your review.

  • Please find attached sth. / Please find sth. as attached.

Kindly find an illustrated catalog as attached. It covers the latest designs which are now available from stock.

We send you a catalog on the various kinds of bicycle now available for export, your inquiry is welcome. 欢迎垂询。

Any items listed in the catalog you get interested in, please let us know.

Please feel assured that we will give you the best discount.

  • 请放心,我们一定给您最大的折扣。

We guarantee both our quality and on time delivery of shipments, and our prices stay very competitive in the market.

We find the quality suitable for your market.

  • 我们的产品质量符合你们的市场要求。

I wonder if you have found that our specifications meet your requirements. We're sure the prices we submitted are competitive

I will send you the tailor-made offer very soon.

  • 我会很快给您发一个(量身定做的;适合的)报价。

We're in a position to accept small quantity order.

  • 我们接受小定量订单

Confirm that lead time is 10 days.


  • We advise / suggest / propose…
  • We'd like to advise you to…
  • Would it be ok / possible to…
  • Maybe it'll be better if…
  • According to our experience, it is usually by…
  • Based on your request, it could be…
  • Perhaps a better idea for this product would be…
  • Shall we offer an alternative? We advise using…
  • Actually, it is usually by…
  • The normal *** of this item you mentioned is…


  • Our margin is very thin in this order.
  • I'm afraid we couldn't agree with that. Because…
  • Sorry to say that we can't meet your request on…, Because…
  • We don't doubt your professionalism, but...
  • Your request has been beyond the normal range of...
  • To supply high-quality items, we must make sure that...


  • It is acceptable to us.
  • Let's make it a deal.
  • We're happy to accept it.
  • We could / would like to accept it for mutual business benefits.


Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

  • 谢谢你告诉我这件事。

Upon receipt of your email, we have given this matter our immediate attention.

  • 我们一收到你的邮件,立即对这个问题给予关注。
  • 用法:收到投诉 / 索赔等问题邮件时。

I see/get what you mean and appreciate your concern.

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and your holiday season is fruitful.

  • 但愿你度过了一个精彩的圣诞节,并且收获满满。

I'm sure you're quite busy at the moment, so I'll be very brief.

  • 知道你这会很忙,我会长话短说。

It's nice to finally meet you.

  • 总算见到你了 / 终于见到你了。

I'm just going to show this to my team and will get back you.

Many days without your feedback.


Hope the goods reach you safely. And you are pleased with them.

Any comments by return will be much appreciated.

Much appreciated if you can offer openly with any feedback.

  • offer feedback:告知反馈
  • openly:坦诚地、坦率地

Any inquiry or requirements from you will get our prompt attention.

I am available for further discussion on WhatsApp.

We will keep you updated time to time about the status.

  • keep sb. posted
  • keep sb. informed

Please help update the status on the order.

  • Quite a long time without hearing from you.

  • Could you share with me what is preventing you from moving forward with us? Will be much appreciated if you could offer us some comments.

We're pleased to invite you to visit HongKong Gifts Fair (3D16, OCT. 15th to 19th), if your time available.

Dear Paul,

Regarding your order number: xxx, we have shipped your item(s) via (DHL, EMS, E-packet) and the tracking number is xxx. Please check the tracking information here: http://www.yingxiaoli.com for updates.
Please note, it will take 2-5 days before the tracking information can be viewed online. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


  • Recently we developed some new *** which is very attractive, attached are some pictures for your reference.

  • Glad to share our new product with you, welcome to check below :

    • Picture:主图
    • Feature:细节图展现特点 / 卖点
  • How about introduce this item into your market? We welcome your inquiry.

  • Why not catch this chance to expand your business and gain more orders?

  • We are pleased to inform you that we have just marketed our new products.

  • We believe that you will find our new products more competitive both in quality and price. They should get a very good reception in your market.

  • Long time no your news. How are you doing these days? Hope everything goes quite well with you. Is there any inquiry about ***, **, **, and some other products ? Kindly please contact us if you are interested in them.

  • We have designed some new products as enclosed pictures or quotation(此处二者选一,精选少量为好)。If you are interested, free samples are available.


Samples received and already passed to factory. The material was PP, not ABS.

Offer sheet is preparing and will be sent to you soon.

By the way, raw material increased these days. Please make a decision quickly to go ahead after price confirmed. We'll arrange the mass production asap.


Chinese Holidays

Hi Jadon,

Nice day!

Kindly note that our 3-day Dragon Boat Festival will be from 2019-06-07 to 2019-06-09.

Should you have anything urgent during these days, please reach us by calling +86 156 1024 1024 or write to tim@zonysun.com.

Hope you have a happy day with us.

Warm Regards.
WhatsApp: +86 156 1024 1024

Hi ,

Glad to tell you the Dragon Boat Festival in China is coming.
Hope you have a happy day with us.

P.S.: Our holiday form Dragon Boat Festival is from June 7, 2019 to June 9, 2019.

Wish your business is getting better and better.
Will relply your mail when we get back.
Cheers for a stable and further cooperation between us in the future.

Dear ***,

Hope this email finds you well.

We've been back to the office from the New Year's Day holiday.

If you have any new orders or request, we are right here to support you.

Warm Regards,


Dear Tom,

How are you? Happy Chinese Lunar New Year. I hope this joyful festival would bring you happiness as well.

We are back to work today and everything is back to normal, production is ongoing. Since we have prepared raw materials before the holiday,we now can easily run up to 3000pc within this month.We can stably and easily provide xxxx if you need now.

We wonder wether you have stocked xxx products before our new year holiday or wether your products arrived at your warehouse at this moment? If you urgently require xxxx products, please don't hesitate to contact us. we will forward our new prices for your reference right now.

By the way,if you need them now, we can arrange the shipment early March.

Best regards,


参考资料:从节日问候开始,做一个走心的业务 - Liaosam

Foreign Holidays

Dear A,

Thanks for your reply! We will prepared the goods ahead.
I heard that people will go back to home, with his entire family, enjoy a great day together. What will you do in holiday, go back to home or go out for a travel? How will you spend this holiday? Will arrange some fun?
I am realy glad to know more about Christmas.
Best Regards,

Hi ***

There is coming the Christmas, most people will have holiday in your country.

Will you leave for holiday?

How long is it?

Shall we prepared the goods ahead in case delay since the holiday?

Best regards,


Hi ***,

This is *** from ***.


  • Big Company:We are the manufacturer who's behind many popular (行业/产品) brands in the US: Goolge, Apple…
  • Small Company:This is Jadon from TingTrade Inc. We might be the most accessible company you can find in our industry. We operate 24/7 which means there's no downtime for our future business.


I'll be in Las Vegas next month. Wondering if you will have like 22 minutes for me for a quick meeting.

We’ve seen a lot of changes in the (行业/产品) space from the manufacturer’s perspective. I want to share (something new) with you during our meeting.


Can I go ahead mark my calendar for 8-22 or 8-23 for our meeting?



  • Thank you for making time to meet me. I am not here to waste your time. By the way, how much time I have?
  • I want to make sure our products will fit with your plan. So please feel free to stop me if you see anything interesting from my presentation.
  • That's an interesting perspective, John. Please tell me more.
  • … , which means you don't have to worry about our production capacity. We've got you covered.
  • … , which means you can expect a very low defect rate.
  • May I know how many companies are you getting quotes on for this order?
  • Michael, let's talk a little bit about who else you're looking at for this order. Who's at top of your list right now? And why?
  • What don't you see in us that you see in others?
  • Where do you think this product is going?
  • Would you please tell me more about what you're looking for?
  • What obstacles are you facing?


All is well here. We will get back to you with more information about this requirement shortly.

  • All is well:一切都好。用于回应 How are you。

Unfortunately, our stock is exhausted.

  • stock is exhausted = be out ofstock = 无库存
  • be in stock:有货
  • be over stock:滞销

Please accept my apology for the late reply.

  • Sorry for the late reply / update.
  • Sorry I haven't got back to you sooner.


There is no room for further negotiation. If you still feel you cannot accept our offer, we hope it will not prevent you from contacting us again whenever you need other inquiry.

You drive a hard bargain! Ok, that's a deal.

  • a hard bargain:真会讲价
  • That's a deal. = It's a deal. 成交。
  • I do believe someone gave your lower price. But we hope you can check both of our specs to see their difference. If you are sourcing any other quality items, please let me know.

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  • Just let us know your ideas.